Breakfast for Children

AfriHOPE Missions began serving breakfast to over 0ne hundred and fifty (150) under-privileged school children from selected schools in Berekum.

We were blessed to have some food items such as flour, Mayonnaise, oatmeal, sugar, baked beans, etc which came on a container shipped to AfriHOPE Missions recently by Gov. Leader. The children love it. Occasionally, we see a few children who sneak to get breakfast when the servers are not looking. It is a blessing to have those children come to eat breakfast five mornings a week before they go to school. We can use some food items which will not expire within six months so they can beat customs and food administration as they enter the country. This is a program that can be expanded. It takes sixty cents (60c) to feed one child with a good breakfast. For some children, that is all they get until evening and in some situations, only God knows whether there will be anything to eat in the evening. The program has changed its strategy of feeding the children at a particular location. Instead, the packed bags of breakfast are taken to the students at their respective schools. The program currently employs three female staff who feed about 154 school children a day for 5 days a week.

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