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The AfriHOPE Fashion Center has begun operation. The team of two staff sewed school uniforms for all the children at the orphanage in the month of March. AfriHOPE has recruited 4 women who are being trained to sew clothes. It costs money to become an apprentice and it takes money to learn any trade in Ghana. We have found some very serious women and now we are confronted by the challenge of how to feed them while they are learning the trade. Finding the people at first was difficult but we now have a lot more who are interested in learning the trade. We are looking for ways to help them learn the trade in a manner that it will not be so stressful for them.

Our goal is to find some sewing business for the staff which will bring in some income to take care of the salaries of the two staff and also be able to feed the needy staff. We will use the opportunity to teach Biblical principles that could help change their thinking and prepare them to face real life challenges in the real world when they graduate and leave. The greatest problem most Ghanaians have, in my opinion is a troubling mindset which seems to trap the people in captivity. Most people’s poor thinking in many ways is the result of the bad choices they make. The high instances of poverty are the result of poor thinking. Not until Ghanaians change their thinking about so many things, the masses will continue to face the kinds of problems which work together to impoverish the masses. AfriHOPE has found it essential to teach people to learn to work hard and to create for themselves and others rather than just simply sit around and hope for manna to drop from heaven. Not in this day and age!

Apprenticeship of this nature usually takes anywhere between 5-7 years to complete in Ghana. We are doing our best to reduce the length of time they spend on the training to anywhere between 2-3 years. That means it will have to be intensive and more hands-on type of learning situation.

Thanks to Gov. Leader, we have sewing machines that allow our apprentices the opportunity to get the most needed hands-on training. We will fashion some of the African garments and seek markets overseas as time goes on so we can pay the staff a decent salary, feed the apprentices, expand the programs and get the opportunity to teach the Word of God and biblical survivability principles to our students as they prepare to enter the real world.

Esther and I see some better days in AfriHOPE Missions’ future for the people of Ghana and perhaps all of Africa. We will continue to work as hard as the Lord allows us with hopes of reaching our goals for the Lord and the people of Ghana. Please, keep us in your prayers.

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