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It’s a Schramm Rig! It’s Huge!! It’s Nice!!! Those were a few of the many comments that people made when they saw the beaten up and faded Schramm rig for the first time. Someone asked: who will travel to overseas and waste his money to bring home such a junk? I stood there quietly and pretended like I did not hear him. I believed in my heart that this equipment could be put to good use just like the dry bones in Ezekiel’s prophecy. Thanks to David Powell for giving the rig to Africa’s HOPE and to Gov. Leader who provided the funding for repairs and shipping expenses. Today, what some considered “a piece of junk” has drilled 60 boreholes to supply clean water to several thousands of rural folks. We did not have a mud pump when the rig first arrived, but we have one now and thanks to American Manufacturing Company for their timely donation to the work of God in Ghana.

AfriHOPE Missions has 2 other rigs which drill boreholes for rural communities. Churches and individuals are invited to donate up to US$3,500.00 and we will drill a borehole in a deprived community and name it after the church or the individual who donated the money. The patriarchs did it and one of such wells which Jacob gave to the people of Samaria became an unforgettable site for a great revival in the days of Jesus (John 4). Put your signature to a worthy cause that you will never regret you did and you will become a great blessing in the sight of God for many generations to come. Join a worthy cause. Become a missionary of HOPE to a hopeless generation.

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