AfriHOPE Prison Ministry

Fighting crime anywhere is fighting crime everywhere. In a very significant way, prison chaplains continue to make a difference in the lives of men and women who have stepped outside the law. AfriHOPE Prison Chaplains work hard to improve the lives of prisoners by sharing the life transforming Word of God and other things with the inmates. Inmates at Sunyani, Duayaw Nkwanta, Kenyase and Yeji prisons received clothes at various times during the year.

Bible studies and worship services are led by AfriHOPE chaplains twice a week and the response has been very encouraging. Apart from Bible studies and worship services, AfriHOPE Missions donates rice, gari and beans to the inmates every month to supplement what the government provides. Former Gov. Leader provides the funding for this program in exchange for one extra Bible study time with the prisoners. Also, we have recently supplied locally made sandals to prisoners, who have nothing to wear.

We have purchased a 24-acre land at a small village called Koforidua near Duayaw Nkwanta prison camp where we intend to build a half-way house for young offenders who are getting ready to re-enter society. Our goal is to teach re-entry courses such as:

Character Development, Spiritual Disciplines, Purpose Driven Lifestyle, Steps to Dealing with Various Addictions, Building and Maintaining Relationships, Respect for Law and Order, Walking Your Faith, Alternatives to Violence, Practical Christianity, Job Readiness Training, Parenting Education Training and many more. We will work with the Police, the Department of Social Welfare and the court system. The picture above shows the land owner administering the oath of transfer of that land to AfriHOPE Missions before a local circuit court Registrar. Right: A picture of an AfriHOPE Missions staff presenting donated items to prisoners.

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