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In raising a new generation of leaders in Africa, we are committed to a holistic approach which reconciles both the physical and the spiritual needs of the individual in a more practical way. We touch the hear first in order to get the mind to move the feet where they need to go and then get the hands to do the job they were meant to do.


Fountain of HOPE Water Well Project

AfriHOPE Missions/AfriHOPE Missions have drilling rigs which arrived in Ghana in June 2007. A team has been put together to start drilling well for rural communities in Ghana to alleviate acute water problems in those communities.

Leader S.P.A.C.E. Center

Leader Strategic Poverty and Corruption Eradication (SPACE) Center is set up to provide job readiness, leadership, computer and personal improvement skills from a biblical perspective. The Center is looking forward to start an evening school of Christian ministry as a way of training and supporting pastors and church leaders. The Center is named after Gov. George Leader who has supported this idea immensely.

College and Career Transformational and Incarnational Bible Studies

Campus and community Bible studies will soon begin as an outreach to students in tertiary institutions and professionals in selected communities. This program will use the house church strategy to bring participants together in clusters. The goal is evangelism and church development among students and professionals.

House of Hope Orphanage

This is AfriHOPE Missions's children's ministry to orphans. We currently have twenty (20) children at the orphanage. The children are quite happy here. In addition, we have five (5) staff members who take care of the children. All the children attend school and we are responsible for paying their school fees and other expenses. We feed them three square meals each day. One of the meals is a packed lunch for school when they are in school. Our objective is to return these children to their original homes after we have helped the surviving parent to get a job. Having discovered that most of the surviving parents of our children are their mothers, we have enrolled most of them in our micro-finance program for women in the Berekum area.

Microfinance Program for Women

AfriHOPE Missions started a microfinance program for women in the Berekum area a couple of years ago. Our program uses the Village Savings and Loans Program where participants in the program pay a small amount daily. The program targeted women who really wanted to do something to improve the quality of their lives so they may be able to help their children. Some of the participants are doing well while many of them are not due to the stress placed on some of the participants.

Donations to Various Institutions

AfriHOPE Missions (Ghana), through the help of its parent agency in the USA, donates used computers, clothing and medical supplies to secondary schools, prisons and hospitals in the Brong Ahafo Region.

St. Michael Children's Hospital

AfriHOPE Missions in partnership with two donors from the United States is building a Children’s hospital near Berekum to cater for the health needs of children. With healthcare cost constantly going up in Ghana, children are often the victims, hence the high infant mortality rate. Healthcare in Ghana is on a cash-and-carry basis. Those who can pay get the best healthcare and those who unable to pay are left at the mercy of God to either survive or die. Sometimes physicians are reluctant to talk to parents about the extent of their children’s health care situation when those physicians by their own instincts and observation believe that such parents could not afford the cost involved in treating their children. AfriHOPE Missions is committed to team up with like-minded healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies will to donate useful drugs and joyful donors to alleviate many of such problems among children.

The building is up but not completed. Whatever you can donate towards this honorable and wealthy cause will help to complete the building so that our goal of opening St. Michael’s for Out Patient treatment by January of 2014 could be achieved.

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