St. Michael Children's Hospital

Located near Berekum - B/A

The God who takes care of children is an incredible God who loves all children from all walks of life because they are precious to Him. Ghana is no exception and that is why AfriHOPE Missions have teamed together to build a hospital which will only deal with pediatric health.

Some six years ago during a research which I conducted as I was finishing my dissertation on the orphan crisis in Ghana and ways to deal with the many problems which orphans face throughout their lives, I came to a conclusion that one of the areas which needs attention without doubt is children's health. I was convinced at the end of my research that doing nothing about this problem was a sin. After all, the Bible compels all believers to suffer the children to come to the Lord since the kingdom of God belongs to such people.

About six years ago I took an early retirement from my work as head chaplain of a State Prison owned by the Department of corrections to go to Ghana as a missionary to begin AfriHOPE Missions. My wife, Esther and I acquired an 11 acre land with the help of Pennsylvania's former Gov. George Leader to build a children’s hospital there. The construction work actually began in January of 2012 with a great deal of progress made so far.

In an effort build and sustain this program for poor children who would otherwise die at young age without the needed help, Africa’s HOPE bought a water well drilling rig to drill water for rural folks. This effort was intended to provide clean water for children which I believe is our basic need for good health. When people drink clean water, most of the water borne diseases which kill people, especially, children will be reduced. The other reason was to drill water for a small fee to help run the hospital so children who do not have parents or relatives to pay for their healthcare cost could receive some financial assistance when they visit our hospital.

With the help of former Pennsylvania Governor George Leader and Media Presbyterian Church, we are hopeful that the hospital will open in January of 2014 to start seeing pediatric patients.

We some financial help to be able to complete the building so we can open as scheduled for January 2014. We hope extend an invitation to nurses and doctors to come to Ghana for short term missions to see patients as they can. Since the hospital is a little distance from the rural towns we are asking people who can to help us acquire a bus that will bring and take patients to where they live. The hospital will see children for general health needs, dental and eye problems as well. It will operate solely as an out-patient hospital until we are able to expand to include residential facilities. Serious cases which require any hospital stay will be referred to other hospitals which deal with general health needs. We will operate a pharmacy which will supply medications for our clients.

Your help to this cause is your way of giving hope to a desperate and destitute child whose parents could otherwise not provide the money which can buy service for that ailing child so afraid to die. Good healthcare in Ghana requires good money which most parents don't have.

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